Logistics Management Group of America
Railcar Logistics


Trust Logistics Management Group of America to provide the highest level of quality railcar logistics services in North America. Here’s a selection of the services we can offer you:

Shipment Management

  • Order management and bill of lading EDI
  • Proactive railcar tracking and expediting
  • Automate diversion requests and empty dispositions

Rail Freight Rates

  • Improved management of contracts and tariffs
  • Obtain quick responses for quoting new rail moves
  • Obtain expert routing and cost analysis

Fleet Management 

  • Monitor and balance fleet to ensure equipment is available where it is needed
  • Maximize railcar utilization
  • Minimize storage and demurrage charges

Railcar Maintenance

  • Maintenance & compliance reporting
  • Shop scheduling and record keeping
  • UMLER/EMIS Registration & Updates

Rail Accounting 

  • Automated freight accrual and inventory reporting
  • Rail account management, disputes and claims
  • Automated freight bill collection/payment

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